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Fashion Feed : Allien Gan, Ezzati Amira, Pearly Wong & Tsyahmi at KLFW 2013

4 in 1


Third show of the first day of KLFW 2013 by Allien Gan, Ezzati Amira, Pearly Wong & Tsyahmi.



An emerging self-taught stylist cum designer, Allien Gan emphasized his collection on black and white monotones, enhanced by the body harness in patent leather which I love so much. He made the body harness classier and less dominatrix when married together with his outfits.


AG2 AG3 AG4 AG5 AG6 AG7 AG8 AG9 AG10 AG11



A super fresh designer with very high promising future, Ezzati Amira presented very wearable collection. I like how she choreographed her collection. Its like listening to soft sedative music which slowly and surely transcended to more upbeat notes towards rock, which is more like her personality. Her collection started off with pieces of simple silhouettes of stripes in earthy tones towards darker and more daring colours and closing it with two of my fave pieces of Led Zeppelin tops and sequinned skirt and dress that have that 3D colour effects. This is a girl who dares to step up her game plan. I look forward for her next collection!


Top: My fave pieces!




Pearly Wong used black as her main tone and played with different kinds of fabric, material, textures and cuts. Her design lies in the details and also on how she is a strong advocate of sustainable and wearable, multi-functional designs and fashion aesthetics  that can last for as long long as it can.

I have also worn one of the multifunctional pieces during the fashion week.You can see here for the details of the design.

PW1 PW2 PW3 PW4 PW6 PW7 PW8 PW9 PW10



Since I knew Syahmi from the 10 Rising Stars of Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009, which he won the title Most Promising Designer of the Year, he was indeed a very promising designer, with exemplary ethics, values and attitude which most of the young ones are lacking. This is a guy with vision and patience when it comes to his goals. I like it that he put so much thoughts, research and time to gain experience and more knowledge before he kicked start his label; Tsyahmi. His short absence in the scene was very well worth it.

Emphasizing on accessible luxury women’s Ready-to-Wear line, his opening Pre-Spring 2014 collection, “Lithium”; showcased fresh looking designs which are very feminine, but modern and edgy through his play of asymmetrical and bias cuts, silhouettes and clever choice of clashing fabrics in fresh colours. On a footnote, I also think the soundtrack “Intro” by The XX was a perfect choice for the introduction of Tsyahmi. This is one designer I look forward to, always.

For this collection, Tsyahmi collaborated with Nelissa Hilman for the shoes designed specially for the collection. From a close up look, the shoes were divine. I’ll share with you on Nelissa’s collaboration soon.

TS9 TS8 TS7 TS6 TS5 TS4 TS3 TS2 TS1 TS10

That’s all for now guys. I’ll post more on the KLFW 2013. Sooner or later, I will post it. Thanks again for your patience. 🙂



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Fashion Diary : Final Day of KLFW 2013


It’s the final day of The New Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2013.

I’m a bit sad that it ended. I had so much fun throughout the whole fashion week. It was really great to kinda make a come back in the scene and meet up with all my friends from the fashion scene, the designers, writers, media, organizers, bloggers, fashionistas, photographers, models and every new people I just made friends with. It was refreshing!

KLFW 2013 was indeed a great breathe of fresh fashion air!

I am so proud to see that Andrew Tan; the head of Andrews Models and also the mastermind and organizer of KLFW, has finally had his dream came true, and this is just the beginning of something much bigger and greater. I know that he is definitely brewing bigger ideas for the next one. I can feel it. And I look forward to it.

Kudos to his team too, whom I’m glad to know; Ira Roslan, Nadia, Afiq and the rest. I’ve been in your shoes before, doing so much of multitasking here and there, the works, to pull off organizing fashion week, and I’m sure you guys feel a great relief and perhaps a tad sad that KLFW 2013 ended. Keep up the good job guys!

On the merits of KLFW 2013, from all the chats I had with some friends, I would conclude KLFW 2013 as a very successful event. It was a great platform for the veterans and the fresh flesh of fashion designers to showcase the real deal of being a successful designers, which is through the Prêt-à-Porter (Ready-To-Wear) line. This is when we know the designers are in it for the real deal of fashion business to grow bigger and better, rather than just concentrate on Haute Couture or just Made-to-Measure pieces only. Yes, it is great that they can design beautiful couture pieces to showcase the extension of their creativity and all but Ready-To-Wear is the way to go farther and bigger and The New Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2013 was the perfect platform for the turning point of Malaysian fashion scene to take RTW seriously to the next level. Let’s get the world fashion globe knows about this. Let them all know that Malaysia is finally ready for the big games in fashion.

On the note of going global on the news of KLFW 2013, I did notice that they were none or not many international fashion buyers, delegates and media attending the shows. I was hoping to see Fashion TV during the week too. Perhaps it is the very first KLFW 2013 RTW and they are on their baby steps. That’s understandable, but I do hope to see more of them for the next fashion week and shows to come because the global world need to know of our positive progress in the fashion scene. It is imperative.

To Andrew and his team, a huge applause on the efforts and hard work in making The New Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2013 a successful event and I wish you all best for the coming ones. I can’t wait to witness greatness again!


With Andrew Tan.

The IT girls and supermodels.
L – R: Atika, Rita Suraya, Tinie and Deanna Ibrahim


With Ameer Hamdan. He has a wicked sense of style. (Photo credit: Tony Wong)


(Photo credit: Tony Wong)


Models off duty on front rows: Deanna Ibrahim & Atikah Karim.


L – R: Panjang, Idan, Syomir Izwa, Rita Suraya, Deanna Ibrahim and Atikah Karim


Ena Rusli (left), Managing Director of Syomir Izwa and her muse, Rita Suraya


Deanna Ibrahim wearing Quhji with the designer of Quhji; Kaer Azami.


With the fresh blood in the fashion scene, rising designer Zakwan Anuar


I call this Love. (:


Eiss. Hats off to this guy. I love his jacket! And its handmade by him.


Us fooling around with the mirror and our camera. Too much free time in between shows. (:


L-R: Adnan, Eiss and Ameer Hamdan

DSC_0400 DSC_0378 DSC_0683 20130623_182025


P/S: I would like to apologize if I have in any way made you waited too long for me to post on KLFW. I have been unwell, in and out of hospital since after KLFW, but I’m recovering well so far. No worries. I will post all that I promised as soon as possible OK! I want to give good reviews and write up on KLFW instead of just posting blindly. So thank you so much for your patience. (:


Day Outift:

I decided to look bad ass in dark tones. So i put on my fave Zara skort bottom and pair it with my sheer top and i hung the statement military-inspired jacket to add some chutzpah to the whole look. I used gold and black base accessories too.

Top: Cotton On. Skort bottom, Jacket & Boots: Zara. Necklace & Sunnies: Rack. Gold spiky bangles: Eight. Black bangle: Lovisa. Clutch: flea market.

DSC_0386 DSC_0388 DSC_0389 DSC_0392 DSC_0394 DSC_0396


Night Outfit:

For the night shows, I figured why not I use this shiny, reflective, mermaid-ish skirt i got from H&M, and so I did. Hehe. I wore the same top from the day but I changed to my fave leather jacket and put on some bling from Anna Dello Russo emerald earrings and silver bangles and bracelets. Wallah!

Top: Cotton On. Skirt: H&M. Boots: Zara. Leather Jacket: Jakarta, Indonesia. Bracelets: Lovisa & flea market. Clutch: flea market.

20130623_194629 20130623_194638 Copy of 20130623_194638




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Fashion Feed : Day 1 at KLFW 2013 (Part Deux)

Day 1 ab


So let’s continue on the journey of my fashion feed to all you fashion hungers of Day 1 at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013.


in collaboration with NELISSA HILMAN

My first love for Silas Liew was from his debuted womenswear label for Spring Summer 2013 collection. But of course I love him for his cheeky personality way before I saw his designs. Dandy; would be the first word that popped out of my head upon seeing him the first time with his personal style nowadays.

Enough about him, let’s talk about his latest collection now. If from Spring Summer 2013, the designs were mainly more feminine though sporty. For Fall, Silas Liew maintained the sporty accent which started off with racerback body cons dresses to boxier silhouettes with a touch of bright hues, to much more interesting detailing twists on loosely menswear-inspired designs which he brilliantly married and made it look a tad whimsical. Every outfit was paired with shoes by Nelissa Hilman, who is a rising shoemaker.

(Psst..I’ll be writing a post just on Nelissa’s collaborations with the designers in KLFW 2013 soon. Stay tuned.)



I love the back details of this top. Sexay!SL7 SL8 SL10 SL9

From here, you can see the super soft material of the fabric that is being used on the dress. The material is like ultrasuede because it looks so soft but I’m not quite sure. Love the soft panelling and trimmings too.


Here are the two outfits that caught a lot of attention. Why is that? It’s because of the Dollar prints of course. Silas cleverly made a playful take on the Benjamins and mass printed it on leathers before he made them into patterns and designs of the outfits you see here. Clever cheeky guy!

SL12 SL13

I like how he styled this Dollar notes cape top with the white shirt in.

SL14 SL15

Top & Bottom: Here are what I meant by Silas’s genius take on marrying menswear and womens cut all in one. From the front it looks like a normal loose dress under a boyfriend blazer jacket. But at the back is actually either a loose pants or a knee-length skirts. Pandai! SL16

Silas Liew GIF

The finale.


Mr .Genius himself; Silas Liew.



I love this sweet sweet honey! Syomir, in my opinion is not just a designer who only thinks about making creations and designs for his collections but he also see it in as many aspects as he can grasped creatively and entrepreneurially, especially with a strong business partner and best friend; Ena Rusli; who is his business associate (Managing Director of Syomir Izwa) that also oversee the business. I say this because there are still many designers out there that still do not grasp the fact that they cannot just survive their businesses on running by being talented and creative designers only. They need strong partners, associates, or advisers to oversee and administer the business acumen of better growth, brand development and more.

So, back to Syomir. His collection this time around has been an experimentation on his part. Inspired mainly by the Hampton’s Country Club culture and of its field sports such as golf and tennis as well as the club style luncheon and parties, his main details are the pastel colour combination, which he claimed as his first time playing with soft hues that aimed to look bold. I’d like to say he aced it and his choice of pastels are perfect. There were a lot of paneling done as well, which was part of his exploration on how far he can play it around with lines and flirty ruffles.


I love this flirty, sexy cape. It’s gonna be perfect for my beach holidays!SI2 SI3 SI4 SI5

Top: Here, as you can see Syomir presented his mini introduction on menswear for the very first time. Do expect more of these to come in the coming future. I think they are sexy in pastels.SI6 SI8 SI10

I love love love love love the stripey long skirt so much! I think I told Syomir too many times like a broken record by now. Haha! I am going to get myself this skirt!SI9 SI11 SI12

Top: Syomir also presented few pieces of his collection that caters to the hijab community too. Yuna was one of the first persona who wore his first hijab-inspired design couple of years back.

From bottom downwards: I love every details of his long dresses and how it made them moved in such sexy and softly seductive silhouettes.SI13 SI14 SI15 SI16 SI17 SI18

Syomir Izwa GIF by thefwordskl

The finale.

SI20My dear sayang Syomir Izwa.


Well, that is all for this part. Next, will be Part Trois of Day 1 KLFW 2013.

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Stay Tuned!



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Fashion Feed : Day 1 of KLFW 2013 (Part 1)

Day 1 ab

Yes..yes, I know by now it’s considered long overdue for me to post up collections by designers who have showcased their designs one or two days or weeks ago. But what the heck, I told myself and was also told not to stress myself out on being the first or second fastest to post up the latest news. So, here I am taking my time at my own pace (not too long I hope), to post up Day 1 of KLFW 2013.

12:30 pm – OPENING SHOW OF KLFW 2013


Since I first knew Jasmi in 2007, his design has never been short of rawness with a bit of a rough edge and a playful touch of soft fabrics that he cleverly uses in his designs, which are also sexy. Those are definitely his signatures that maintain the identity of what Jasmi Rejab represented, especially with the headgears such as the goggles on the runway models.

JR1 JR2 JR3 JR4 JR5 DSC_0964_editedUnique eyewear such as these goggles were always his signature.


I love the shoes that Jasmi used for his runway models. Its exactly what I would wear myself.




I just love Jimmy. I mean everyone loves this sweetheart. Even with numerous designs accolades around his belts, he always says hi and greets everyone and never a sec without a smile on his face. Talking about his designs identity, I like his playful take on his design signature. He doesn’t take it all too seriously but yet surely in his design executions. For this collection his designs are basically contemporary and a bit sporty yet still feminine.

You can check out his website for more info and details here.


I love this cute knapsack Jimmy designed using the same fabric as the shorts!


I like how the thin material of the hoodie cape gives a lightweight feel to the outfit and it subdued the sequinned dress on the inside. Clever contrast.


I love anything that has to do with fringe, fringe, fringe! and this one just swish, swish, swish!JL5

and I love this fringe too!




Now what can I say about these two twins? Officially known as Puteri Azalea or everyone else calls her by Cho and the other is Puteri Yasmin or we all call her Min. These twin beauties might look alike to you but they are very much different from one another in their taste and views on certain matters including designs and inspirations, but they somehow jived them well into raw, punk and edgy creations from Min’s perspectives which blends well with the dark, eclectic yet soft and feminine side of Cho that made them into the beautiful idiosyncrasy of PU3.

For this collection, I saw a lot of contrasting fabrics that they used in the designs. There were sheer mesh fabrics, leather and suede leather as well in interesting cuts, from soft to dark colours.


I like the detailing here on how they have panels of mesh fabric and leathers which give that tough but feminine look to it.

I want this shoe please!

The twins Cho and Min behind PU3.




Yadotsa is a pretty new name in the industry but already has its own fan-based and going strong. Headed by Alia Alizar, they showcased a very wearable and uber feminine collection. The outfits have interesting cuts as well and I love the metal belt accents they cinched on few outfits.

Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5

The back of this dress is lovely. It’s like a separated top and skirt but it’s not. I think it’s brilliant!

I like how the skirt swish and swoosh in its fruo frou way on the runway.

The lovely girl of Yadotsa: Alia Alizar. I like her.


Well, that’s all for the opening show of KLFW 2013 of Day 1. I’m gonna post up more from the rest of the shows of the day by Silas Liew, Syomir Izwa, TSyahmi, Izzati Amira, Pearly Wong and more as soon as I possible.

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So stay tuned!



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Fashion Diary : Day 2 at KLFW 2013


Day 2 at KLFW 2013 was all in all FUN & FABULOUS!

Started the day with 12.30pm show by four designers: For All by Villiam Ooi, Mimpikita, When Our Eyes Met and Zero To Ten. This time, I wasn’t only there to see the show but to help out Min (Yasmin Ramli), the designer of When Our Eyes Met, with the guest arrangements. The show was great! Will post up the fashion feed soon.

The main highlight of Day 2 was definitely the show by Jonathan Liang.  The show was nothing short of spectacular. It was a full house filled with fashionable socialites, celebrities, fashionistas, designers and more. All I saw was gorgeous, fabulous fashion people gathered for the show and made it all hyped up. I mean..it’s Jonathan Liang right?

When the show ended, that’s when the real party began! Hahaa! This is when all the fashion people round up not just to have a chat or two but to get crazier than we already are and partayyy!



With the talented Jonathan Liang


With the Alia Bastamams: Shahrezzan & Alia Bastamam


With the fashion maverick Maggie Abang Saufi. I LOVE HER!


Alia Bastamam & Molly Halim


Liza Tay and friends. We got excited over wearing the all white for the show. Haha


As for my outfit, I decided to go all white with a dash of neon yellow peeking through my shirt, a leather jacket and some bling on my ears and arm. Tres Chic!


Shirt: H&M. Yellow bustier: Cotton On. Skort bottom: Zara. Leather jacket: from Indonesia. Clutch: from a flea market. Earrings: Anna Dello Russo for H&M. Bracelet: a makeshift necklace from H&M. Boots: Zara




Stay tuned for the Fashion Feed on all the shows!



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Fashion Diary : First Day of KLFW 2013.


The first day of KLFW 2013 has just ended. There were 5 shows for the day showcasing 13 designers. I attended all shows and captured every single outfit and the detailing too. I can’t wait to share it with you.

It has also been a super tiring day for me and I should hit the sack soon to get ready for the second day. Hence, I will not be posting the fashion feed for today’s show yet. But I promise you I will do so soonest.

The shows were spectacular, though it started a bit late. Oh well..it’s the Malaysian fashion scene. Nuff said. Nonetheless, I’d say everything else was fabulous and amazing. The shows. The fashion people. Everyone made that little effort to look fierce and fantastic. And it is only the first day!


With the fab and fierce fashion family: Minluna, Jaja Anuar, Aizat Aidid (Glam), Jacky Hussein (Cosmopolitan), Yana Baharuddin (EH!), Vee (InTrend)


With my fashion boys: Kesh Sandhu, Syomir Izwa and Jason Yap.

L-R: Atika, Zakwan Anuar and Rita Suraya

L-R: Atika, Zakwan Anuar and Rita Suraya

Great friends who helped with the guests registration for designers Tsyahmi and Ezzati Amira.  L - R: Molly Halim, Natalie Azlan, Natrah and Jonathan Liang.

Great friends who helped with the guests registration for designers Tsyahmi and Ezzati Amira.
L – R: Molly Halim, Natalie Azlan, Natrah and Jonathan Liang.

Fierce bunch of fab fashion crowd.

Fierce bunch of fab fashion crowd.

One of the ladies behind KLFW 2013 - Miss Nadia.

One of the ladies behind KLFW 2013 – Miss Nadia.

Backstage scene after the first show.


My outfit of the day I decided to use my utilitarian army jacket again with a full black sequinned dress, black clutch and my black boots with Anna dello Russo emerald earrings. I purposely played the contrasting elements of the glam up and utilitarian looks in one.

Jacket: from a friend. Sequinned dress: Zara. Boots: Zara. Clutch bag: flea market. Earrings: Anna Dello Russo from H&M. Bracelets: Lovisa and Eight.

wpid-IMG_20130620_023249.jpg wpid-20130619_230636-1.jpg wpid-20130619_230719.jpg wpid-20130619_230648.jpg wpid-20130619_230654.jpg

So now I wish you a very good night. I’ll see you tomorrow!



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