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Fashion Feed : Nicole Kidman for Vogue Germany August 2013

nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-2 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-1 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-3 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-4 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-5 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-6 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-10nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-7 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-9 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-11

Vogue Germany August 2013

Model: Nicole Kidman | Photographer: Camilla Akrans | Stylist: Nicola Knels | Hair: David Babaii | Make-Up: Wendy Rowe | Manicure: Beth Fricke

I’m always a fan of Nicole Kidman. I love all her movies. And when she’s been photographed, she brings beauty, vulnerability and sensuality on the table.



Source: COF

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Fashion Feed : Lindsey Wixson for Vogue Brazil August 2013

lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-11 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-4 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-10 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-9 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-8 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-7 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-6 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-5 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-2 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-1 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-3 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-20131

Vogue Brazil August 2013

Model: Lindsey Wixson | Photographer: Jacques Dequeker | Fashion Editor: Pedro Sales | Beauty: Silvio Giorgio

I love Lindsey Wixson. Who doesn’t right? With her small pouty lips and that teeth gap. The dogs are adorable in this editorial!



Source: Vogue

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Fashion Feed : Karmen Pedaru for Vogue Spain August 2013

karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-2 karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-1 karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-0 karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-6 karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-5 karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-4 karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-7 karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-3 karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013 karmen-pedaru-by-greg-kadel-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-8

Karmen Pedaru for Vogue Spain August 2013
Chica De Ayer

Photograher: Greg Kadel | Model: Karmen Pedaru | Stylist: Havana Laffitte

Sexy sexy sexy editorial.



Source: COF

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Fashion Feed: The New Season by Elle UK August 2013

Elle UK August 2013

Model: Anne Vyalitsyna | Photographer: Kai Z Feng | Fashion Editor: Anne-Marie Curtis | Hair: Erika Svedjevik, Romina Manenti & Benoit Moeyaert | Make-up: Chris Colbeck

I like how some of the shots are being commented by the designers on the styling and how the model look so different with different styling.



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Fashion Feed : 1 Girl. 1 Painter’s Suit. 7 Ways. CR Magazine August 2013

CR Magazine-1 girl-1 painters suit-7 ways-August 2013_1(The simple suit) CR Magazine-1 girl-1 painters suit-7 ways-August 2013_2(The day suit) CR Magazine-1 girl-1 painters suit-7 ways-August 2013_3(The prim suit) CR Magazine-1 girl-1 painters suit-7 ways-August 2013_4(The sporty suit) CR Magazine-1 girl-1 painters suit-7 ways-August 2013_5(The sailor suit) CR Magazine-1 girl-1 painters suit-7 ways-August 2013_6(The night suit) CR Magazine-1 girl-1 painters suit-7 ways-August 2013_7(The dancer suit)

1 Girl. 1 Painter’s Suit. 7 Ways.
CR Magazine August 2013

Model: Kremi Otashliyska | Photography: Max von Gumppenberg and Patrick Bienert | Editor: Carine Roitfeld | Makeup: Carole Colombani | Hair: Akki | Manicure: Maki

In her ongoing series, Carine Roitfeld puts a twist on wardrobe essentials. Here, she styled seven different ways to wear a disposable painter’s jumpsuit. I never thought about using the painter’s jumpsuit to do styling. Clever idea indeed.



Source: CR Magazine

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Fashion Feed : Josephine Le Tutour for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil August 2013

josephine-le-tutour-by-fabio-bartelt-for-harpers-bazaar-brazil-august-2013-3 josephine-le-tutour-by-fabio-bartelt-for-harpers-bazaar-brazil-august-2013-7 josephine-le-tutour-by-fabio-bartelt-for-harpers-bazaar-brazil-august-2013-6 josephine-le-tutour-by-fabio-bartelt-for-harpers-bazaar-brazil-august-2013-5 josephine-le-tutour-by-fabio-bartelt-for-harpers-bazaar-brazil-august-2013-4 josephine-le-tutour-by-fabio-bartelt-for-harpers-bazaar-brazil-august-2013-3 (1) josephine-le-tutour-by-fabio-bartelt-for-harpers-bazaar-brazil-august-2013-2 josephine-le-tutour-by-fabio-bartelt-for-harpers-bazaar-brazil-august-2013-1

Harper’s Bazaar Brazil August 2013

Model: Josephine Le Tutour | Photographer: Fabio Bartelt | Fashion Editor: Renata Corrêa | Hair: Keith Carpenter | Make-up: Hung Vanngo



Source: Harper’s

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Fashion Feed : Gwen Lu for L’Officiel Singapore August 2013



gwen-lu-for-lofficiel-singapore-august-2013-by-chuando-frey-4 gwen-lu-for-lofficiel-singapore-august-2013-by-chuando-frey-5 gwen-lu-for-lofficiel-singapore-august-2013-by-chuando-frey-6


Model: Gwen Lu | Photographer: Chuando & Frey | Fashion Editor: Jack Wang | Fashion Director: Jumius Wong | Hair & Make Up Artist: Marc Teng

Featuring our local talent, Gwen Lu. This girl is fierce and cool in one.



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