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The F Words


When we say the F words, what are the first few words that come up of your mind? The word F*ck defintely was the very first one for me. Haha.

Truth is my favourite alphabet is F. Hence, The F Words was chosen for me to talk and share about my take on Fashion, Food, Feast, Festivals, Fun times, Faves, Family, Friends and I could go on and on Forever with F.

The F word for today is First. For First write up. First article. First for all the Fs I shall talk and share with you.

It’s been years, a decade or more perhaps, that my family, friends, acquaintances and clients have been trying to persuade me to start to blog and share.

So, here goes The F Words for you by me. My way. Let’s spread some F*cking love here!

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