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Fashion Feed : Allien Gan, Ezzati Amira, Pearly Wong & Tsyahmi at KLFW 2013

4 in 1


Third show of the first day of KLFW 2013 by Allien Gan, Ezzati Amira, Pearly Wong & Tsyahmi.



An emerging self-taught stylist cum designer, Allien Gan emphasized his collection on black and white monotones, enhanced by the body harness in patent leather which I love so much. He made the body harness classier and less dominatrix when married together with his outfits.


AG2 AG3 AG4 AG5 AG6 AG7 AG8 AG9 AG10 AG11



A super fresh designer with very high promising future, Ezzati Amira presented very wearable collection. I like how she choreographed her collection. Its like listening to soft sedative music which slowly and surely transcended to more upbeat notes towards rock, which is more like her personality. Her collection started off with pieces of simple silhouettes of stripes in earthy tones towards darker and more daring colours and closing it with two of my fave pieces of Led Zeppelin tops and sequinned skirt and dress that have that 3D colour effects. This is a girl who dares to step up her game plan. I look forward for her next collection!


Top: My fave pieces!




Pearly Wong used black as her main tone and played with different kinds of fabric, material, textures and cuts. Her design lies in the details and also on how she is a strong advocate of sustainable and wearable, multi-functional designs and fashion aesthetics  that can last for as long long as it can.

I have also worn one of the multifunctional pieces during the fashion week.You can see here for the details of the design.

PW1 PW2 PW3 PW4 PW6 PW7 PW8 PW9 PW10



Since I knew Syahmi from the 10 Rising Stars of Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009, which he won the title Most Promising Designer of the Year, he was indeed a very promising designer, with exemplary ethics, values and attitude which most of the young ones are lacking. This is a guy with vision and patience when it comes to his goals. I like it that he put so much thoughts, research and time to gain experience and more knowledge before he kicked start his label; Tsyahmi. His short absence in the scene was very well worth it.

Emphasizing on accessible luxury women’s Ready-to-Wear line, his opening Pre-Spring 2014 collection, “Lithium”; showcased fresh looking designs which are very feminine, but modern and edgy through his play of asymmetrical and bias cuts, silhouettes and clever choice of clashing fabrics in fresh colours. On a footnote, I also think the soundtrack “Intro” by The XX was a perfect choice for the introduction of Tsyahmi. This is one designer I look forward to, always.

For this collection, Tsyahmi collaborated with Nelissa Hilman for the shoes designed specially for the collection. From a close up look, the shoes were divine. I’ll share with you on Nelissa’s collaboration soon.

TS9 TS8 TS7 TS6 TS5 TS4 TS3 TS2 TS1 TS10

That’s all for now guys. I’ll post more on the KLFW 2013. Sooner or later, I will post it. Thanks again for your patience. 🙂



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Fashion Diary : Day 4 at KLFW 2013


The fourth day of KLFW’13 was a bit funny to me, on a personal level.

I arrived a tad late but just in time for the runway. Oops.. And the worst thing that could happen to a blogger is when she realized that her camera was without it’s battery!!! Oh f*ckarama! I was in such a rush that I totally forgot to take the battery from the charger deck before i hit the road to KLFW. Aaarrghhhh…! Silly me. Nevertheless, this didn’t dampened my spirit to get the details of the runway. I still have my trusted Samsung Note 2 and the camera is good enough to do the job. Phewww.

The first show was Menswear collections by Bon Zainal, Fairuz Ramdan, Joe Chia and Roslan Wilkinson. Fairuz Ramdan made a pretty interesting twist in his collection. Can you relate menswear and teddy bears? Well, more details on The F Words Fashion Feed on his collection soon.

Right after the show ended, I rushed off home to get the battery. Hurray!

Next show I looked forward to was the show by one of the best and most talented local designers I’m honored to know and befriended; Khoon Hooi. One should never miss a show by Khoon Hooi, or he/she will miss out a lot! Stay tuned as I’ll update you more of his collection and details soon.

The final show of the day was by Farah Khan. As always, Farah Khan will have her own team navigated the whole show. From guests registration to floor management to curating the show. Every guest were well taken care of. As for the show, it was fab, fab, fabulous. Thumbs up!

Here are some photos of the day to tease you on my next few posts of the runway shows.

Fairuz Ramdan

Fairuz Ramdan

Joe Chia

Joe Chia

Khoon Hooi

Khoon Hooi

Farah Khan

Farah Khan


On the day, I decided to go for preppy/glam look. I wore my fave white sleeveless shirt I got from flea market for a steal, my camouflage skirt and i put on my chunky bling necklace to give contrast on the preppy shirt. By this day, as you can see I wore the same boots since my first day. I decided that the boots were my official KLFW boots because it was super comfy and fierce at the same time. Hehee.

As for the vest, it’s from Pearly Wong. It is a multi-functional vest that can be worn in many ways and I love anything multi-functional as I always recycle my outfits in different style. Here are some of the photos on how the vest look like.

Multi-functional Vest: Pearly Wong. Top: flea market. Skirt: The Extra Piece. Boots: Zara. Clutch: flea market. Necklace: Anna Dello Russo from H&M. Bracelet: Lovisa.

Multi-functional Vest: Pearly Wong. Top: flea market. Skirt: The Extra Piece. Boots: Zara. Clutch: flea market. Necklace: Anna Dello Russo from H&M. Bracelet: Lovisa.

Pearly W Vest 3

Here, you can see how it can be worn like a vest when it is unbuttoned (right). And when it is buttoned up, it looks like a pull over dress (left).

Left: I buttoned up the side seam. Centre: How the back looks like. Right: I let the seam open.

Left: I buttoned up the side seam.
Centre: How the back looks like.
Right: I let the seam open.

Day4_k Day4_g


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Stay tuned for the Fashion Feed on all the shows!



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