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Fashion Feed : Michael Kors Resort 2014


michael-kors-resort2014-runway-07_170349412417 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-06_170348629253 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-05_170347449506 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-04_17034712071 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-03_170346345546 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-30_170406720165 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-26_170403816323 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-23_170401213330 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-22_170400446841 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-21_170359382966 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-20_170358401272 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-19_170358641760 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-17_170356331751 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-16_170355378901 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-14_170354581072 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-12_170352392492 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-11_170352119266 michael-kors-resort2014-runway-10_170351231380


I love the whole collection. All the accessories in the collection are to die for! The necklaces, bangles, belts, bags, shoes, everything! *faint*



Source: Michael Kors

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Fashion Feed : Speaking Of Structure by Vogue Japan September 2013

lindsey-wixson-caroline-brasch-nielsen-vogue-japan-2013-giampaolo-sgura-1 lindsey-wixson-caroline-brasch-nielsen-vogue-japan-2013-giampaolo-sgura-3 lindsey-wixson-caroline-brasch-nielsen-vogue-japan-2013-giampaolo-sgura-4 lindsey-wixson-caroline-brasch-nielsen-vogue-japan-2013-giampaolo-sgura-5 lindsey-wixson-caroline-brasch-nielsen-vogue-japan-2013-giampaolo-sgura-6 lindsey-wixson-caroline-brasch-nielsen-vogue-japan-2013-giampaolo-sgura-7 lindsey-wixson-caroline-brasch-nielsen-vogue-japan-2013-giampaolo-sgura-8

Speaking Of Structure
Vogue Japan September 2013

Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura | Models: Lindsey Wixson & Caroline Brasch Nielsen | Stylist: Anna Dello Russo | Hair: Andrew Guida | Makeup: Jessica Nedza | Manicure: Annarel Innocente



Source: Fashionography

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Fashion Feed : Viktoriya Sasonkina by Chad Pitman for Vogue Russia August 2013

6a00e54ef9645388340192ac3082c2970d-350wi 6a00e54ef96453883401901e7114d6970b-350wi 6a00e54ef964538834019104672e36970c-800pi 6a00e54ef96453883401901e71156c970b-800pi

Viktoriya Sasonkina Vogue Russia August 2013

Model: Viktoriya Sasonkina | Photographer: Chad Pitman | Fashion Editor: Natasha Port | Hair: Tamara McNaughton | Make-up: Maki H



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Fashion Feed : Amanda Murphy For Vogue Paris August 2013 [Editorial]


6a00e54ef9645388340192ac0e533a970d-800pi 6a00e54ef9645388340192ac0e5301970d-800pi 6a00e54ef96453883401901e4f07c1970b-800pi 6a00e54ef96453883401901e4f07e8970b-800pi 6a00e54ef96453883401901e4f0788970b-800pi 6a00e54ef964538834019104451a2f970c-800pi 6a00e54ef964538834019104451a13970c-800pi 6a00e54ef964538834019104451a77970c-800pi 6a00e54ef964538834019104451aab970c-800pi

‘Camden Road’ Amanda Murphy By Alasdair Mclellan For Vogue Paris August 2013 [Editorial]

Camden Road 
Vogue Paris August 2013

Model: Amanda Murphy | Photographer: Alasdair Mclellan | Stylist: Marie Chaix | Hair: Luke Hersheson | Makeup: Lucia Pica | Manicure: Trish Lomax

The hair done for the editorial is similar to Alexander McQueen FW 13/14 campaign by David Sim, as seen here



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Fashion Feed : “God Save The Queen” for Vogue Paris August 2013

Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 01

Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 02 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 03 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 04 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 05 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 06 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 07 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 08 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 09 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 010 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 011 Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh (God Save The Queen - Vogue Paris August 2013) 012

“God Save The Queen” for Vogue Paris August 2013

Model: Anja Rubik | Photographer: Inez & Vinoodh | Stylist: Emmanuelle Alt | Hair: Christiaan | Make-Up: Lisa Butler

I love this editorial so much. Pretty sure it was inspired by the classic literature Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I think the hair, make up and styling are f*cking brilliant!



Source: mode.newslicious

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Fashion Feed : Sasha Pivovarova for Proenza Shouler Fall Winter 2013 Campaign

sasha-pivovarova-by-david-sims-for-proenza-schouler-fall-winter-2013-2014-campaign-1 sasha-pivovarova-by-david-sims-for-proenza-schouler-fall-winter-2013-2014-campaign-2 sasha-pivovarova-by-david-sims-for-proenza-schouler-fall-winter-2013-2014-campaign-3 sasha-pivovarova-by-david-sims-for-proenza-schouler-fall-winter-2013-2014-campaign-4 sasha-pivovarova-by-david-sims-for-proenza-schouler-fall-winter-2013-2014-campaign-5


I’m sharing this campaign particularly because I love the scary-doll-face Sasha Pivovarova. (:

Watch the campaign video:



Source: Proenza Shouler

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Fashion Feed : FENDI Fall Winter 2013/2014 Campaign By Karl Lagerfeld

saskia-de-brauw-cara-delevingne-for-fendi-fw-2013-2014-campaign-by-karl-lagerfeld-2 Fendi-cara-delevingne-saskia-de-brauw-by-karl-lagerfeld-fw-2013-2014-01 saskia-de-brauw-cara-delevingne-for-fendi-fw-2013-2014-campaign-by-karl-lagerfeld-6 saskia-de-brauw-cara-delevingne-for-fendi-fw-2013-2014-campaign-by-karl-lagerfeld-3 saskia-de-brauw-cara-delevingne-for-fendi-fw-2013-2014-campaign-by-karl-lagerfeld-5 saskia-de-brauw-cara-delevingne-for-fendi-fw-2013-2014-campaign-by-karl-lagerfeld-7 saskia-de-brauw-cara-delevingne-for-fendi-fw-2013-2014-campaign-by-karl-lagerfeld-1 Fendi-cara-delevingne-saskia-de-brauw-by-karl-lagerfeld-fw-2013-2014-02 saskia-de-brauw-cara-delevingne-for-fendi-fw-2013-2014-campaign-by-karl-lagerfeld-4 saskia-de-brauw-cara-delevingne-for-fendi-fw-2013-2014-campaign-by-karl-lagerfeld-8


Model: Saskia De Brauw & Cara Delevigne | Photography: Karl Lagerfeld

Latest campaign from Fendi for Fall Winter 2013/2014; “Roman Skyline” was set against, of course, Rome’s majestic skyline, laced by cupolas and terracotta rooftops. 

“We sought to celebrate the love between Fendi and Rome with a very feminine campaign evoking a chic and modern Roman holiday.” Karl Lagerfeld.

Below are some of the Behind-The-Scene photos of the shoot.

Fendi-cara-delevingne-saskia-de-brauw-by-karl-lagerfeld-fw-2013-2014-BTS-03 Fendi-cara-delevingne-saskia-de-brauw-by-karl-lagerfeld-fw-2013-2014-BTS-02 Fendi-cara-delevingne-saskia-de-brauw-by-karl-lagerfeld-fw-2013-2014-BTS-04 Fendi-cara-delevingne-saskia-de-brauw-by-karl-lagerfeld-fw-2013-2014-BTS-01



Sources: Pursuitist & Fendi

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Fashion Feed : Cara Delevingne as The Face of Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2013

Mulberry Autumn Winter 2013 Campaign Video

There are three things I love in this ad campaign: The owls are so adorable (they caught my attention first!). The shoes are divine. And of course Cara. Shot by Tim Walker, the campaign was set to portray the sophisticated splendour of an English country manor.

Mulberry AW 2013-Cara Delevigne 01

Mulberry AW 2013-Cara Delevigne 03 Mulberry AW 2013-Cara Delevigne 02 Mulberry AW 2013-Cara Delevigne 05 Mulberry AW 2013-Cara Delevigne 04 Mulberry AW 2013-Cara Delevigne 06

Cara Delevingne as The Face of Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2013



Source: Pursuitist

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Fashion Feed : Stéphane Rolland Fall Couture 2013

SR01 SR02 SR03 SR04 SR05 SR06 SR07 SR08 SR09 SR010 SR011 SR013




1012339_598561270188963_1281106802_n stephane-rolland-couture2-a Paris Fashion Rolland

Stéphane Rolland Fall Couture 2013

I have always love Stéphane Rolland’s creation. His design DNA is always present in every collection, every season. Love it!



Source: Vogue, WWD

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Fashion Styling : Behind The Scene of “Reflections” Photo Shoot


Few weeks ago, Idan asked me if I want to do styling for a test shoot. There can only be one answer and I obviously said Yessssss…!

The shoot was scheduled three days after Idan’s invitation. I was still in KK and was only coming back to KL a day before the shoot. Go figure lah! This was gonna be a challenge. A minor one but a challenge nonetheless and I decided to go for it.

The photo shoot team were:

Photographer: Idan
Art Direction: Idan and Myself (Nareez Zabidi)
Stylist: Myself (Nareez Zabidi)
Wardrobe Assistant: Iskandar
Hairstylist: Ckay Liow
Make Up Artist: Alvin Loh
Models: Yuen & Noelle

The theme and concept for the shoot is Reflections. Basically anything shiny, mirror-ish, metallic and reflective will be the main accents. Based on the references, I’m going to need to do some DIY to achieve some of the looks. After some brainstorm, I had some ideas, which I will share only after the edited photos are out soon.

Upon landing in KL, I contacted a dear friend, Megat from Syaiful Baharim to loan some outfits for the shoot and he fabulously agreed. Yay! So credits to Syaiful Baharim too for giving the green light. On the day of the shoot, I made a stop at Syaiful Baharim Atelier to get the outfits. Right before the shoot, I made a stop at a hardware store to get some supplies for my on-the-spot DIY for the shoot.

Excited? Do tune in to The F Words for final edited photos. For now, here are some sneak peaks and teasers for yah!

20130617_213546 20130617_213617 DSC_0803



pic2 makeup pic1

DSC_0787 DSC_0795


DSC_0810 DSC_0804 DSC_0816


02 01

Teased enough? Keep your eyes on this space for the updates on the release of the final photos.

Stay tuned!



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