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Fashion Diary : Final Day of KLFW 2013


It’s the final day of The New Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2013.

I’m a bit sad that it ended. I had so much fun throughout the whole fashion week. It was really great to kinda make a come back in the scene and meet up with all my friends from the fashion scene, the designers, writers, media, organizers, bloggers, fashionistas, photographers, models and every new people I just made friends with. It was refreshing!

KLFW 2013 was indeed a great breathe of fresh fashion air!

I am so proud to see that Andrew Tan; the head of Andrews Models and also the mastermind and organizer of KLFW, has finally had his dream came true, and this is just the beginning of something much bigger and greater. I know that he is definitely brewing bigger ideas for the next one. I can feel it. And I look forward to it.

Kudos to his team too, whom I’m glad to know; Ira Roslan, Nadia, Afiq and the rest. I’ve been in your shoes before, doing so much of multitasking here and there, the works, to pull off organizing fashion week, and I’m sure you guys feel a great relief and perhaps a tad sad that KLFW 2013 ended. Keep up the good job guys!

On the merits of KLFW 2013, from all the chats I had with some friends, I would conclude KLFW 2013 as a very successful event. It was a great platform for the veterans and the fresh flesh of fashion designers to showcase the real deal of being a successful designers, which is through the Prêt-à-Porter (Ready-To-Wear) line. This is when we know the designers are in it for the real deal of fashion business to grow bigger and better, rather than just concentrate on Haute Couture or just Made-to-Measure pieces only. Yes, it is great that they can design beautiful couture pieces to showcase the extension of their creativity and all but Ready-To-Wear is the way to go farther and bigger and The New Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2013 was the perfect platform for the turning point of Malaysian fashion scene to take RTW seriously to the next level. Let’s get the world fashion globe knows about this. Let them all know that Malaysia is finally ready for the big games in fashion.

On the note of going global on the news of KLFW 2013, I did notice that they were none or not many international fashion buyers, delegates and media attending the shows. I was hoping to see Fashion TV during the week too. Perhaps it is the very first KLFW 2013 RTW and they are on their baby steps. That’s understandable, but I do hope to see more of them for the next fashion week and shows to come because the global world need to know of our positive progress in the fashion scene. It is imperative.

To Andrew and his team, a huge applause on the efforts and hard work in making The New Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2013 a successful event and I wish you all best for the coming ones. I can’t wait to witness greatness again!


With Andrew Tan.

The IT girls and supermodels.
L – R: Atika, Rita Suraya, Tinie and Deanna Ibrahim


With Ameer Hamdan. He has a wicked sense of style. (Photo credit: Tony Wong)


(Photo credit: Tony Wong)


Models off duty on front rows: Deanna Ibrahim & Atikah Karim.


L – R: Panjang, Idan, Syomir Izwa, Rita Suraya, Deanna Ibrahim and Atikah Karim


Ena Rusli (left), Managing Director of Syomir Izwa and her muse, Rita Suraya


Deanna Ibrahim wearing Quhji with the designer of Quhji; Kaer Azami.


With the fresh blood in the fashion scene, rising designer Zakwan Anuar


I call this Love. (:


Eiss. Hats off to this guy. I love his jacket! And its handmade by him.


Us fooling around with the mirror and our camera. Too much free time in between shows. (:


L-R: Adnan, Eiss and Ameer Hamdan

DSC_0400 DSC_0378 DSC_0683 20130623_182025


P/S: I would like to apologize if I have in any way made you waited too long for me to post on KLFW. I have been unwell, in and out of hospital since after KLFW, but I’m recovering well so far. No worries. I will post all that I promised as soon as possible OK! I want to give good reviews and write up on KLFW instead of just posting blindly. So thank you so much for your patience. (:


Day Outift:

I decided to look bad ass in dark tones. So i put on my fave Zara skort bottom and pair it with my sheer top and i hung the statement military-inspired jacket to add some chutzpah to the whole look. I used gold and black base accessories too.

Top: Cotton On. Skort bottom, Jacket & Boots: Zara. Necklace & Sunnies: Rack. Gold spiky bangles: Eight. Black bangle: Lovisa. Clutch: flea market.

DSC_0386 DSC_0388 DSC_0389 DSC_0392 DSC_0394 DSC_0396


Night Outfit:

For the night shows, I figured why not I use this shiny, reflective, mermaid-ish skirt i got from H&M, and so I did. Hehe. I wore the same top from the day but I changed to my fave leather jacket and put on some bling from Anna Dello Russo emerald earrings and silver bangles and bracelets. Wallah!

Top: Cotton On. Skirt: H&M. Boots: Zara. Leather Jacket: Jakarta, Indonesia. Bracelets: Lovisa & flea market. Clutch: flea market.

20130623_194629 20130623_194638 Copy of 20130623_194638




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