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Fashion Feed : Road Warriors by Numéro September 2013

'Road Warriors'-by Greg Kadel-for-Numéro September 2013_7 'Road Warriors'-by Greg Kadel-for-Numéro September 2013_1 'Road Warriors'-by Greg Kadel-for-Numéro September 2013_2 'Road Warriors'-by Greg Kadel-for-Numéro September 2013_3 'Road Warriors'-by Greg Kadel-for-Numéro September 2013_4 'Road Warriors'-by Greg Kadel-for-Numéro September 2013_5 'Road Warriors'-by Greg Kadel-for-Numéro September 2013_6

Road Warriors
Numéro September 2013

Models: Larissa Hofmann, Anna Schilling, & Flo Dron | Photographer: Greg Kadel | Stylist: Elizabeth Sulcer | Hair: Dennis Lanni | Makeup: Frank B | Production: Ernesto Qualizza | Location: Gowanus Industrial Park




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Fashion Feed : Legion – An Army of Beauty by TheOnes2Watch

Lily Zhi -Legion-ValerioUmaliD

Sung Jin Park- TheOnes2Watch, Hao Yun Xiang - TheOnes2Watch, Shanina Shaik - TheOnes2Watch, Lina Zhang - TheOnes2Watch, Au Tian Yi - TheOnes2Watch, Augus Liza Golden - TheOnes2Watch, A Satoshi Toda - TheOnes2Watch, Pritika Swarup - TheOnes2Watch Grace Gao - TheOnes2Watch, Aug

Legion: An Army of Beauty

Models: Lily Zhi (IMG), Sung Jin Park (Wilhelmina), Hao Yun Xiang (Wilhelmina), Shanina Shaik (Next), Lina Zhang (Fusion), Tian Yi (Fusion), Liza Golden (IMG), Satoshi Toda (New York), Pritika Swarup (Women Direct) & Grace Gao (DNA) 
Photographer: Alexandre Valerio | Creative Director & Casting: Audie Umali | Stylist: Valerie Duardo | Hair: Hikaru Hirano | Makeup: Misha Shahzada | Source: TheOnes2Watch

The editorial originally presented 32 male and female models of different ethnicity and backgrounds. Each represented beauty and strength in their own unique way. And I love the styling they did here. Raw, fierce, edgy and sharp. I’d wear all of ’em. You can check out here for the whole editorial.

For The F Words, I wanted to highlight the Asian models from this beautiful editorial. Being an Asian myself, I raise my hat to all the Asian talents. Be it, the Oriental, the Exotic, the Natives and other ethnicity. Here are some of the fresh faces hitting the international modelling scene with kappow! Watch out for them! My fave? Shanina, Pritika and Lily Zhi. Which one is your fave?



Source: asianmodelsblog, TheOnes2Watch

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Fashion Feed : The Wild Ones by W Magazine September 2013

magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_07 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_06 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_05 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_04 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_03 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_02 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_01 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_08

The Wild Ones
W Magazine September 2013

Models: Magdalena Frackowiak & Edita Vilkeviciute | Photographer: Lachlan Bailey | Fashion Editor: Felicia Garcia Rivera | Hair: Rudi Lewis | Make-up: Gucci Westman | Nails: Dawn Sterling

Rocker chicks, rocking bikes, rocking outfits. Very me. (:



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Fashion Feed : Shocking!? by Interview Magazine Germany September 2013

emily-didonato-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-interview-magazine-germany-september-2013-2emily-didonato-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-interview-magazine-germany-september-2013-10 emily-didonato-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-interview-magazine-germany-september-2013-8 emily-didonato-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-interview-magazine-germany-september-2013-11 emily-didonato-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-interview-magazine-germany-september-2013-3 emily-didonato-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-interview-magazine-germany-september-2013-5 emily-didonato-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-interview-magazine-germany-september-2013-9 emily-didonato-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-interview-magazine-germany-september-2013-4 emily-didonato-by-giampaolo-sgura-for-interview-magazine-germany-september-2013-1


Interview Magazine Germany September 2013

Model: Emily Didonato | Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura | Fashion Editor: Klaus Stockhausen | Hair: Davide Diodovich | Make-up: Jessica Nedza

The editorial title – Shocking!? was aptly used. Looking at this editorial reminds me a bit, if not much, of the horror movies Insidious mixed with The Conjuring, and made it into a super editorial and high fashion of course. Don’t you think so?



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Fashion Feed : Nadja Does Chanel by Dansk Magazine Fall/Winter 2013-2014

nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014_01 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-2 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-3 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-4 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-5 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-6 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-7 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-8 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-9 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-10 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-20141

Nadja Does Chanel
Dansk Magazine Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Model: Nadja Bender | Photographer: Hasse Nielsen |  Fashion Editor: Toby Grimditch | Hair: Cyril Laloue | Make-up: Anya de Tobon | Creative Director: Uffe Buchard



source: wearesodroee

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Fashion Feed : Wild Thing by L’Officiel Netherlands September 2013

marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_01 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_04 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_02 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_03 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_05 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_07 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_06 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_08 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_09 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_011 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_010 marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_012marloes-horst-by-mason-poole-for-lofficiel-netherlands-september-2013_013

L’Officiel Netherlands September 2013
Wild Thing

Model: Marloes Horst | Photographer: Mason Poole | Stylist: Djuna Bel | Hair: Rob Talty | Make-up: Sandy Ganzer

The elephant won my heart in this editorial. (:



source: CoF

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Fashion Feed : Rebirth by Fucking Young! Online Magazine

jean-gritsteldt-by-denis-manokha-for-fucking-young-2 jean-gritsteldt-by-denis-manokha-for-fucking-young-1 jean-gritsteldt-by-denis-manokha-for-fucking-young jean-gritsteldt-by-denis-manokha-for-fucking-young-5 jean-gritsteldt-by-denis-manokha-for-fucking-young-4 jean-gritsteldt-by-denis-manokha-for-fucking-young-3

Fucking Young! Online Magazine

Model: Jean Gritsteldt | Photographer: Denis Manokha | Fashion Editor: Yana Cherviska & Jean Gritsfeldt

I’ve always post up the female models on The F Words. For a change and also because I found this editorial interesting, I thought I’d share it with ya’ll. Btw, I think Fucking Young! is an uber cool magazine for the guys (and girls too).
Do let me know if you want more editorial on menswear. I’ll do my best to oblige. (:



Source: Fucking Young!

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Fashion Feed : Daft Punk & Milla Jovovich For CR Fashion Book FW 2013/14

daft-punk-milla-jovovich-by-mathieu-cc3a9sar-for-cr-fashion-book-fallwinter-2013_03 daft-punk-milla-jovovich-by-mathieu-cc3a9sar-for-cr-fashion-book-fallwinter-2013_02 daft-punk-milla-jovovich-by-mathieu-cc3a9sar-for-cr-fashion-book-fallwinter-2013_01 daft-punk-milla-jovovich-by-mathieu-cc3a9sar-for-cr-fashion-book-fallwinter-2013_06 daft-punk-milla-jovovich-by-mathieu-cc3a9sar-for-cr-fashion-book-fallwinter-2013_05 daft-punk-milla-jovovich-by-mathieu-cc3a9sar-for-cr-fashion-book-fallwinter-2013_04

CR Fashion Book Fall/Winter 2013.14
Digital Love

Model/Celeb: Daft Punk & Milla Jovovich | Photographer: Mathieu César

Its Daft Punk again! This time they partnered up with my fave Milla Jovovich.



source: CR

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Fashion Feed : Doutzen Kroes for Vogue Spain September 2013

doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_01 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_02 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_03 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_05 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_04 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_06 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_07 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_08 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_09 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_011 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_010 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_012 doutzen-kroes-by-tom-munro-for-vogue-spain-september-2013_013

Doutzen Kroes for Vogue Spain September 2013
Black Power 

Model: Doutzen Kroes | Photographer: Tom Munro | Styling: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

Guess which shot is my most fave here? Any guess?
Actually I have two. Both are the shots of Doutzen Kroes in nothing but bold statement accessories. Love it!



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