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Fashion Feed : The Immaculate Kate Moss For Playboy January/February 2014

Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged)kate-moss-playboy-800x439

Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 1Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 2 (1)Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 8Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 5Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 6Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 9Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 13Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 14Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 3Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 15 aPlayboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 10Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 7Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 12 aPlayboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 18 aPlayboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 4kate-moss-playboy-800x439
Kate Moss Playboy Marc Jacobs 05 copie_1500_0_resize_90

The Immaculate Kate Moss
Playboy January/February 2014

Model: Kate Moss | Photographer: Mert and Marcus | Stylist: Alex White | Hair: Oribe | Make-up: Lucia Pieroni

VaVa Voom! I’m telling ya..our Kate Moss never seem to fail making my jaw dropped (perhaps your too). This time, she posed for Playboy Magazine’s 60th Anniversary. The photography was executed artistically and tastefully. They are all oh-so-steaming hot!!

Love it!



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Fashion Feed : Made In Britain By Tim Walker For Vogue UK December 2013

IMG_6579 IMG_6580 IMG_6581 IMG_6603 IMG_6582 IMG_6585 IMG_6605 IMG_6601 IMG_6597 IMG_6598 IMG_6599 IMG_6596 IMG_6592 IMG_6593 IMG_6594 IMG_6595 IMG_6588 IMG_6589 IMG_6590 IMG_6586 IMG_6591 IMG_6587 IMG_6600 IMG_6606 IMG_6583 IMG_6584 IMG_6604 (1) IMG_6559

Made In Britain By Tim Walker
Vogue UK December 2013

Starring: Kate Moss, Kat Chadwick, Rosie Tapner, Charlotte Wiggins, Sam Rollinson, Jean Campbell, Karen Elson, J.W. Anderson, Gareth Pugh, Simone RochaMeadham Kirchhoff, Edie Campbell, Christopher Kane, Stella TennantStephen Jones, Nick Knight, Katie Grand and Malaika Firth Z | Photographer: Tim Walker | Stylist: Kate Phelan | Hair: Sam Mcknight | Make-up: Sam Bryant

Interesting line-up of the Brits.



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Fashion Feed : Kate Moss Iconic Photos & Artwork on Auction

Kate as Aladdin Sane, 2003, Nick Knight

2003 – Kate as Aladdin Sane, by Nick Knight

Kate Moss in a torn veil, 1993, Albert Watson

1993 – Kate Moss in a torn veil, by Albert Watson

Kate Moss in bronze glitter, 2013, Allen Jones

2013 – Kate Moss in bronze glitter as “Naked Angel”, by Allen Jones

Kate Moss for French Vogue, 2005, David Simms

2005 – Kate Moss for French Vogue, by David Simms

kate-moss-christies-6 (1)

2002 – Kate Moss with statement jacket “God Save The Queen”, by Craig McDean

Kate Moss on a lounge chair, 1995, Sante D'Orazio

1995 – Kate Moss on a lounge chair, by Sante D’Orazio

Kate Moss, 1994, Glen Luchford

1994 – Kate Moss, by Glen Luchford

I’ve always been a big fan of Kate Moss. Who doesn’t right? She is indeed the supermodel icon of the century. Well, at least to me.

So when I found out that most of her world famous and most iconic photographs and artwork will be auction this coming September 25th in London by Christie’s as a living tribute to her and her work throughout the past decades, I thought that I have, I must, share this with you guys. (:

Curated by renowned German collector Gert Elfering with creative works created by big names such as Allen Jones, Sir Peter Blake, Mario Sorrenti, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Sam Taylor-Wood and Irving Penn and more.

(You can find out more about Christie’s here)



Source: Vogue

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