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Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday Everyone!



I know that it has been far too long that I’ve been on hiatus here at The F Words. So many things happened in a rush of whirlwind and rollercoaster this past few months. Good and bad. But things are turning North so far and I’m thankful for it. There’s a silver lining to it all. (:

I’ll pick up my pace here soonest as I can. And I’d like to do it now firstly to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday! ♡♡♡

Have a great holiday with you love ones!


All photos are from various sources (Tumblr,Pinterest,etc)


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Fashion Feed : Merry Christmas By Vanity Fair Italia 27th December 2013

2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A0853 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A0120 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A0694 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A9736 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A0468 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A0390 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A1014 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A9930 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A9471 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A1651 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A9105 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A1222 2013_10_Vanity_Fair_NewYears_53A1428

Merry Christmas
Vanity Fair Italia 27th December 2013

Models: Sanna Backstrom, Valentina Duric and Alexander Van Ballaer | Photographer: Andrea Olivo | Stylist: Anna Brambilla | Hair: Karine Valbrun | Make-up: Deborah Sasso

I hope everyone is having a supercallifragilisticaspiallydotious time!

Happy Holiday! (:



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