Fashion Feed : The Immaculate Kate Moss For Playboy January/February 2014

Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged)kate-moss-playboy-800x439

Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 1Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 2 (1)Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 8Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 5Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 6Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 9Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 13Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 14Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 3Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 15 aPlayboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 10Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 7Playboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 12 aPlayboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 18 aPlayboy_USA_-_January_February_2014 (dragged) 4kate-moss-playboy-800x439
Kate Moss Playboy Marc Jacobs 05 copie_1500_0_resize_90

The Immaculate Kate Moss
Playboy January/February 2014

Model: Kate Moss | Photographer: Mert and Marcus | Stylist: Alex White | Hair: Oribe | Make-up: Lucia Pieroni

VaVa Voom! I’m telling ya..our Kate Moss never seem to fail making my jaw dropped (perhaps your too). This time, she posed for Playboy Magazine’s 60th Anniversary. The photography was executed artistically and tastefully. They are all oh-so-steaming hot!!

Love it!



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