Fashion File : Madonna by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar November 2013

madonna-by-terry-richardson-for-harpers-bazaar-november-2013_01 madonna-by-terry-richardson-for-harpers-bazaar-november-2013_02 madonna-by-terry-richardson-for-harpers-bazaar-november-2013_03 madonna-by-terry-richardson-for-harpers-bazaar-november-2013_04 madonna-by-terry-richardson-for-harpers-bazaar-november-2013_05 madonna-by-terry-richardson-for-harpers-bazaar-november-2013_06

Madonna for Harper’s Bazaar November 2013
Truth or Dare

Celeb : Madonna | Photographer : Terry Richardson | Styling : B Åkerlund

All Hail To Queen Madonna! At 55, Madge does it like no others. Never once has she ever do anything half measures. This editorial done by Terry Richardson is mayjahhhh sex on a stick! My fave is definitely the one with her in the metal chain headpiece. Those piercing eyes..Mmmmm..Nobody does it like she does.



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