Fashion Feed : For Your Eyes Only by Muse Magazine Fall Winter 2013-2014

alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_01 alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_02 alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_03 alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_04 alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_05 alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_06 alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_07 alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_08 alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_09 alana-bunte-by-ben-weller-for-muse-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_010

For Your Eyes Only
Muse Magazine Fall Winter 2013-2014

Model: Alana Bunte | Photographer: Ben Weller | Fashion Editor: Caroline Newell | Hair: Chi Wong | Make-up: Hiromi Ueda | Set Designer: Andrew Tomlinson

I think I’m in love with her. Yes, I’m falling for Alana Bunte. She looks so handsomely gorgeous yet femininely sexy here. Mmmmm… (:



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