Fashion Feed : Mariacarla Boscono for Vogue Turkey October 2013


mariacarla-boscono-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-turkey-october-2013_08 mariacarla-boscono-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-turkey-october-2013_09 mariacarla-boscono-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-turkey-october-2013_010 mariacarla-boscono-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-turkey-october-2013_047 mariacarla-boscono-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-turkey-october-2013_01 mariacarla-boscono-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-turkey-october-2013_02 mariacarla-boscono-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-turkey-october-2013_03 mariacarla-boscono-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-turkey-october-2013_05 mariacarla-boscono-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-turkey-october-2013_06

Mariacarla Boscono for Vogue Turkey October 2013

Model : Mariacarla Boscono | Photographer : Cuneyt Akeroglu | Styling : Konca Aycan | Make-up : Lisa Eldridge | Hair : Mari Ohashi.



Source: CoF

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