Fashion Feed : Candice Swanepoel for Vogue Mexico September 2013

candice-mariano-vivanco10 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-5 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-4 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-20131d787253-9ae6-41f2-9cbc-7e9c58cd42de_zps3cd829d8 candice-mariano-vivanco8 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-7 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-6 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-1 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-3 candice-swanepoel-by-mariano-vivanco-for-vogue-mexico-september-2013-2 candice-mariano-vivanco11

Vogue Mexico September 2013
Espiritu de Fuego

Model : Candice Swanepoel | Photographer : Mariano Vivanco | Styling : Sarah Gore-Reeves

To say Candice Swanepoel hot sounds like an understatement. She is…ummm…cant seem to find a word for it..haha. And she in all these reds for this editorial is WHAMM BAMMM..!!

Check out the video too!



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