Fashion Feed : The Wild Ones by W Magazine September 2013

magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_07 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_06 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_05 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_04 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_03 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_02 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_01 magdalena-frackowiak-edita-vilkeviciute-by-lachlan-bailey-for-w-magazine-september-2013_08

The Wild Ones
W Magazine September 2013

Models: Magdalena Frackowiak & Edita Vilkeviciute | Photographer: Lachlan Bailey | Fashion Editor: Felicia Garcia Rivera | Hair: Rudi Lewis | Make-up: Gucci Westman | Nails: Dawn Sterling

Rocker chicks, rocking bikes, rocking outfits. Very me. (:



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