Fashion Feed : Nadja Does Chanel by Dansk Magazine Fall/Winter 2013-2014

nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014_01 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-2 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-3 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-4 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-5 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-6 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-7 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-8 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-9 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-2014-10 nadja-bender-by-hasse-nielsen-for-dansk-magazine-fw-2013-20141

Nadja Does Chanel
Dansk Magazine Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Model: Nadja Bender | Photographer: Hasse Nielsen |  Fashion Editor: Toby Grimditch | Hair: Cyril Laloue | Make-up: Anya de Tobon | Creative Director: Uffe Buchard



source: wearesodroee

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