Fashion Feed : Skate Couture! by Marie Claire Italia September 2013

skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_02 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_03 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_04 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_05 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_06 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_07Picture4 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_08 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_09 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_010 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_011 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_012 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_013 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_014 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_015Picture3skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_016 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_017 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_019 skate-couture_marie_claire_italia_sept2013_020

Skate Couture!
Marie Claire Italia September 2013

Model: Ehren Dorsey | Photographer: Nagi Sakai | Stylist: Laura Seganti | Hair: Erika Svedjevik | Make-up: Hung Vanngo | Manicure: Maki Sakamoto

I LOVE THIS! Any editorial inspired by the skating, punk, rock chic elements are sure to steal my heart. Aaaaahhhh….! And you know what they always say – good things are best when it’s shared. (:



source: visualoptimism

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