Fashion Feed : Nicole Kidman for Vogue Germany August 2013

nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-2 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-1 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-3 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-4 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-5 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-6 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-10nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-7 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-9 nicole-kidman-by-camilla-akrans-for-vogue-germany-august-2013-11

Vogue Germany August 2013

Model: Nicole Kidman | Photographer: Camilla Akrans | Stylist: Nicola Knels | Hair: David Babaii | Make-Up: Wendy Rowe | Manicure: Beth Fricke

I’m always a fan of Nicole Kidman. I love all her movies. And when she’s been photographed, she brings beauty, vulnerability and sensuality on the table.



Source: COF

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