Fashion Feed : Lindsey Wixson for Vogue Brazil August 2013

lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-11 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-4 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-10 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-9 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-8 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-7 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-6 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-5 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-2 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-1 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-2013-3 lindsey-wixson-by-jacques-dequeker-for-vogue-brazil-august-20131

Vogue Brazil August 2013

Model: Lindsey Wixson | Photographer: Jacques Dequeker | Fashion Editor: Pedro Sales | Beauty: Silvio Giorgio

I love Lindsey Wixson. Who doesn’t right? With her small pouty lips and that teeth gap. The dogs are adorable in this editorial!



Source: Vogue

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