Fashion Feed : Balmain Resort 2014

Balmain-Resort-2014-2 Balmain-Resort-2014-3 Balmain-Resort-2014-4 Balmain-Resort-2014-5 Balmain-Resort-2014-6 Balmain-Resort-2014-7 Balmain-Resort-2014-8 Balmain-Resort-2014-9 Balmain-Resort-2014-10 Balmain-Resort-2014-12 Balmain-Resort-2014-13 Balmain-Resort-2014-15 Balmain-Resort-2014-16 Balmain-Resort-2014-17 Balmain-Resort-2014-18 Balmain-Resort-2014-19 Balmain-Resort-2014-21 Balmain-Resort-2014-22 Balmain-Resort-2014-23 Balmain-Resort-2014-24 Balmain-Resort-2014-25 Balmain-Resort-2014-201

balmain-resort2014-runway-17_102838411448 balmain-resort2014-runway-25_102844699067 balmain-resort2014-runway-12_10283498892


Balmain has always been very near my heart. Still does with the 2014 Resort collection too. I have always been a fan of three things in this collection: Houndstooth, Denim and anything White. Loving the way they used houndstooth and their pieces of denim on denim was done divinely.




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One thought on “Fashion Feed : Balmain Resort 2014

  1. curious says:

    what’s the model’s name?

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